City Clerk/Treasurer

Contact Info

Laurel Thomas, CMC
City Clerk/Treasurer
208-448-2123 EXT 100

The City Clerk/Treasurer has a variety of responsibilites, such as:

  • Supervision of candidate filing
  • Custodian of city ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and other records
  • Fulfilling requests for examination or copying of public records as provided by law
  • Issuing licenses for businesses and occupations as provided by local ordinance
  • Issuing animal licenses
  • Issuing licenses for sale of packaged beer, packaged wine, beer by the drink, wine by the drink, and liquor by the drink
  • Publication of legal notices
  • Filing the annual city street finance report by the December 31 of each year 
  • Filing certified copies of ordinances with the appropriate agencies 
  • Certification of delinquent special assessments to the county
  • Administering the oath of office to elected and appointed officials
  • Serving as an at-large registrar for voter registration
  • Serving as the primary point of contact for citizen and media inquiries
  • Providing staff support for the mayor and council, including preparing meeting packets with information relating to each agenda item, ensuring accurate minutes are taken at city council meetings, preparing meeting notices and agendas and posting these at city hall
  • Custodian of city revenues
  • Investment of city funds upon resolution of the council
  • Keeping a separate account of each fund or appropriation showing the debits and credits belonging to each
  • Signing or authorizing checks, along with the mayor, issued by the city to pay for goods or services
  • Monthly report to the city council on the city's financial situation
  • Publication of quarterly financial statements
  • Coordinating the city's annual financial audit
  • Keeping a record of all outstanding bonds
  • Supervising billing and administration of municipal utility systems
  • Collecting special assessments
  • Other duties prescribed by local policy